• Country Origin: Singapore
IMAGE 1- BH Special Made Durian Candy IMAGE 2- BH Special Made Coconut Candy IMAGE 3- Gingerella ® Chewy Ginger Candy 301618 Gingerella ® ginger candy is a sweet treat where taste and well-being go together. This candy is made using only fresh red gingers grown on the low-lying slopes at the foot of the mountains, in Java Island. With delicate balances of sweet and hot sensations, this is the candy of choice and the ultimate delicacy for ginger lovers. Unwrap the secrects of a treasured recipe from Southeast Asia and to discover the unique flavour of our ginger candy. Also available in Mango, Green Tea Matcha, Caramel flavours and Organic range. * All Natural * Gluten Free * Vegan * Fat Free * Made with fresh ginger IMAGE 4- BH Special Made Ginger Coconut Candy