• Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Rapeseed Oil Is manufactured from rape seed (brassica compestris). Rapeseed is the most common oil seed in Northern Europe. / IMAGE 2- Sunflower Oil is produced out of the well-known sunflower seeds which contain 40-65 % oil. / IMAGE 3- Vegetable Oil Soy oil, belonging to the butterfly leaf family, is extracted from the soy bean . / IMAGE 4- Frying Oil In close association with the College of Applied Science in Muenster – area Nutritional Science – a special deep frying and frying oil has been developed . / IMAGE 5- Corn Oil is attained from the germ of the corn plant. On every plant, one to two corncobs grow and the corn on the spindle, depending on the variety . / IMAGE 6- Specialities Safflower oil originates from the kernels of the thistle also known as the safflower plant , harvested by man in the Middle Ages to obtain a yellowy-red dye stuff .