Olive Oil

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- OTTO 发 / IMAGE 2- OTTO Line / IMAGE 3- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Naturally obtained from the first pressing of the olive by mechanical means, SPERLONGA Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest quality classification of olive oil, characterised by its outstanding, fruity taste and low acidity. Extra Virgin Olive oil, with its intense and distinctive flavour, is an ideal accompaniment to cooked food, salad dressings and mayonaise, and also for drizzling onto salad leaves and pasta. / IMAGE 4- Olive Oil Pure Olive oil is exclusively obtained from the fruit of the olive tree and never mixed with any other oils, except for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Entirely free of solvents, it is often simply labelled as Olive oil; with a lighter taste than Extra Virgin oil, it retains the same health benefits. The delicate taste makes Pure Olive oil perfect for everyday use in salad dressings, marinades and mayonnaise, and will provide the delicious finishing touch to most dishes. Calories 900 Kcal Joule 3700 Kj Protein 0 g Fats 99 g Cholesterol 0 mg Carbohydrates 0 g / IMAGE 5- Pomace Olive Oil By extracting the oil from olive press-cake, Pomace Olive oil is carefully refined and then combined with Extra Virgin Olive oil. Cholesterol free, and richly containing Vitamins E, and A, Pomace olive oil, with its smooth colour, taste and aroma, can replace traditional oils in all your dishes in a healthy and delicious way. Calories 900 Kcal Joule 3700 Kj Protein 0 g Fats 99 g Cholesterol 0 mg Carbohydrates 0 g / IMAGE 6- Vegetable Oils Vegetable Oils are essential for making healthy meals in the modern food preparation: as a dressing for salads or a finishing touch for pizzas or snacks, as the base for a tasty vinaigrette, dressing or sauces; for frying, pot roasting, wok cooking or deep-frying. Along with the Olive Oil Casa Oilio Sperlonga S.p.A. supplies a wide range of vegetable oils: Grapeseed Oil, top quality product for supreme frying and tempura. Cooking Oil, a special blend for all cooking, baking, frying, roasting. Sunflower, excellent for lightsalad dressing. Corn Oil, suitable for salad dressing and mayonnaise. Ground nut Oil for superb high temperature frying, Walnut Oil for very special and tasty salads. Soyabean and Rapeseed Oil, ideal for cooking and frying and rich in Vitamin E. / IMAGE 7- EVOΩ 369 Omega 3/6/9 are very important substances for a healthy lifestyle and should be present in everyone’s daily diet. EVOΩ 369 endorses this fundamental necessity by offering a balanced ratio of Omega 3, extracted from linseed oil, Omega 6 from olive oil, and Omega 9 from sunflower oil, in a unique natural product, perfect for daily nutrition and dressing of fresh and hot dishes. Calories 900 Kcal Joule 3700 Kj Protein 0 g Fats 99 g Cholesterol 0 mg Carbohydrates 0 g / IMAGE 8- Extra Life The extra virgin Extra Life was developed by Casa Oilio Sperlonga through a complex research project whose objective was to obtain an oil with a shelf life of double respect to the others. First, we performed a screening of substances naturally content in oil that counter oxidation. These was isolated and we conducted a series of tests in the laboratory to evaluate their degree of biological activity. On this basis, the product was designed. It has set up following two lines: selected varieties of olives that had higher content of these substances and, at the same time, were studied technological variables to naturally increase the concentrations of these molecules during the oil extraction process. In order to obtain an oil with organoleptic characteristics pleasing and homogeneous are developed a series of oils which are then blended taking into account both the chemical and taste variables. The result is a new product, 100% natural, Extra Life, State of the art in extra virgin world. / IMAGE 9- Frying Olive Oil 100% NATURAL good resistance, good taste, ...good for health. Although soft oils fry tasty, they are unhealthy. Modern consumers are health conscious and they demand a tasty but healthy oil. Sperlonga’s Frying Olive Oil is the perfect compromise because it combines its good resistance, thanks to its high smoke point, the good taste, which does not interfere with the food flavor, and the healthy properties thanks to its high content of monounsaturated fats. Why giving up what you want when you can get everything? / IMAGE 10- High Polyphenols Olive Oil Polyphenols absorb free radicals and have a positive impact on cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer. They also act as anti-inflammatory, as confirmed in clinical studies. Why HP (High Polyphenol)? Average content of polyphenols in Extra virgin in the market is 180 mg/kg. Casa Oilio Sperlonga HP products bring a much higher intake of polyphenols with a small quantity. - Extremely suitable for low olive oil consumption diet. - Better and beyond extra virgin olive oil. - Larger concentration than that established by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to achieve health benefits. / IMAGE 11- Kiddy Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most beneficial oil for our health... However, it has a strong taste, often bitter and pungent, so it is not suitable for kids’ taste. Olive oil, instead, has a delicate taste but it is not that rich in those healthy substances contained in extra virgin olive oil. In an attempt to fill the void between a healthy product which may not be tasteful for children, and an olive oil which is more suitable to the palate, Casa OiliO Sperlonga has developed an olive oil with the healthy characteristics of the extra virgin but with the more delicate taste of the olive oil... / IMAGE 12- Specialties Aroma Oils Casa OiliO Sperlonga Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets the Mediterranean flavors. Natural and fresh Lemon, Chili, Basil, Oregano, Time and Garlic join the green gold in an unique mix. The precious Truffle aroma in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings an amazing taste experience. Just few drops and a simple dish becomes a masterpiece. The Aroma Oils are available in single 250 ml bottle or in a handy gift Pack with 4 different flavors. Furthermore Casa Oilio Sperlonga produce a wide range of ethnic oils and dressings.