• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- Chicory ham rolls with mashed potatoes We are proud of our version of this Belgian classic. The pure and juicy chicory stems from Belgium are lovingly rolled into a layer of Charles ham and a delicious homemade bechamel sauce is poured on top. We finish this tasty meal with a generous portion of creamy mash and a layer of cheese to add a little extra crispiness. / IMAGE 2- Fat-free ham All fat and rind has been removed from this cooked ham. Extra lean meat of the same high quality as our other hams! For the average Belgian family, defatted ham is one of the most popular types of ham and is often used on rolls. Because the slices are a very evenly shaped, this ham is often used as an ingredient in hot dishes, as well / IMAGE 3- Ham off the bone This ham is boiled in its own bouillon to a traditional recipe. The bone is loosely attached to the ham with a piece of string to preserve the characteristic flavour during cooking. The result is simply stunning! Combine this exclusive, flavourful and succulent ham with Flemish asparagus, with honey and mustard dressing or just as a slice of pure natural delight / IMAGE 4- Italian ham Our cured Italian ham whisks you off to the sunny South! This ham is prepared using the same method as Parma ham, but is made in a different region. Beautifully succulent meat that melts on the tongue. This product is a delicious tapas dish, with a piece of melon or with some sliced mozzarella. This ham is also very suitable for hot dishes: wrap around chicken fillet or use as a filling in pork tenderloin. / IMAGE 5- Natural ham Our natural ham has been the number one among our cooked hams for years. The meat is dry-salted by hand according to a family recipe that has been passed down from father to son over three generations. This salting recipe has been used unchanged from the very beginning… The secret of the heavenly smooth taste and extraordinary aroma! The Charles natural ham is a tasty classic that goes well with many other products. Make a parcel with herb cheese and natural ham, dice some slices into salad or combine with pesto in a wrap / IMAGE 6- Oven-baked ham This ham is dry-salted by hand to a family recipe that has been passed down unchanged from father to son over three generations. The second half of the cooking process involves baking, which means our oven-baked ham is one of the most succulent in our range. Its superior and smooth taste, beautiful aroma and natural meat structure make this ham an absolute top choice. Our oven-baked ham is delicious paired with asparagus, an egg, or in a quiche with leeks and oyster mushrooms for example… or just in a sandwich!