• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- APPLE PÂTÉ Our pâté chefs still consider our apple pâté one of their best creations. This handmade product is made from the very best pork belly, meat and liver. The recipe is enhanced with delicious fresh apples and an accompanying bouquet of herbs. The result is a surprising pâté with a rich flavour that is also liked by little ones because it has a slightly sweeter taste than our other pâtés. The spreadable apple pâté tastes great on a (toasted) slice of bread or a cracker. / IMAGE 2- Pâté block Our pâté chefs use authentic family recipes when handmaking pâté. The pâté block is one of the classics in our extensive range. Fresh liver, fresh bacon and lean pork form the basis of this delicacy. A secret blend of herbs is then added to the meat. The Charles pâté block, as the name suggests, is made in a traditional square log shape. The slices in the packaging are all more or less the same size: perfect for in a sandwich or as a tasty starter dish.