• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- Turkey stew with 2 types of mashed potatoes Turkey stew with a duo of potato and broccoli puree / IMAGE 2- Chef’s scampi with linguine Ready meals This dish is the embodiment of our slogan ‘for foodies and epicures’. The delicious combination of scampi, linguini with a creamy sauce to our chef’s recipe and sundried tomatoes will create sunshine on your plate… and a smile on your face! This meal is very festive and is great to serve to your guests: homemade, delicious and fast too. It’s our little secret! / IMAGE 3- Chicken curry with basmati rice If these Flemish classics leave you craving something oriental, we have the answer with our chicken curry. Enjoy a lightly sautéed chicken fillet and basmati rice with diced carrot, sweetcorn and peas. The smooth curry sauce completes the meal perfectly / IMAGE 4- Chicken fillet in archiduc sauce with broccoli and potato mash Enjoying life is simple.. especially with this archiduc chicken! The chicken fillet is lightly sautéed and then richly covered with a homemade archiduc sauce made from mushrooms, cream and a good helping of cognac. The chicken fillet is served with a duo of potato and broccoli mash. / IMAGE 5- Vol-au-vent with mashed potatoes Who could resist a fresh portion of vol-au-vent? Not us! This creamy stew is made from the best chicken, fresh mushrooms and chicken and pork meatballs. The homemade potato mash completes this dish. A great meal that makes any day a great day! / IMAGE 6- Chicory ham rolls with mashed potatoes We are proud of our version of this Belgian classic. The pure and juicy chicory stems from Belgium are lovingly rolled into a layer of Charles ham and a delicious homemade bechamel sauce is poured on top. We finish this tasty meal with a generous portion of creamy mash and a layer of cheese to add a little extra crispiness. / IMAGE 7- Beef stew with potatoes and apple sauce If there is one traditionally Belgian dish that is known throughout the world, it’s this one. Our chefs select the best beef and simmer the pieces of meat until they are deliciously tender. The accompanying sauce is homemade using dark beer. And what would stewed beef be without tasty sweet apple sauce and steamed potatoes? / IMAGE 8- Hamburger with cauliflower and potatoes This hamburger with cauliflower is another classic in our diverse range of daily specials. Our chefs use fresh hamburgers made from the best mixed mince, served with lightly sautéed potatoes. Finally, the meal is finished with tasty cauliflower florets with freshly prepared bechamel sauce / IMAGE 9- Macaroni with cheese and ham A real classic and favourite of many! This dish is prepared in the Charles kitchen to our secret family recipe. We only use the best ingredients to create a delicious cheese sauce with Swiss Gruyere. The macaroni bake would not be complete without our homemade cooked ham. Enjoy! / IMAGE 10- Meatballs in tomato sauce with mash This is one of the most delicious dishes created by our chefs, who hand-roll the pork and beef meatballs as culinary art says they should be. This homemade meal would not be complete without a velvety tomato sauce, finished with a secret, slightly spicy herb blend. This meal also includes a generous portion of potato mash. Enjoy! / IMAGE 11- Meatloaf log with peas and carrots This hearty meal proves how tasty midweek meals can be. Our chefs serve a beef and pork mince ‘tree trunk’, combined with a homemade pepper sauce and lightly seasoned baby potatoes. The cherry on cake? A colourful mix of peas and cute baby carrots. / IMAGE 12- Penne Arrabiata This vegetarian pasta dish is the perfect example of a simple yet delicious dish. The Arrabiata sauce is prepares using tomatoes, onion and Spanish peppers, creating a slightly spicy flavour. And what would pasta be without cheese? We finish this dish with a generous portion of Emmental. / IMAGE 13- Sausage with apple sauce and steamed potatoes Everyday meals can be a joy, and this great dish is proof. Two slow-cooked, succulent pork and beef sausages are accompanied by sweet apple sauce and healthy steamed potatoes. A generous portion of comfort food to look forward to on a regular weekday / IMAGE 14- Scotch egg with mashed potatoes For those who do not know this Flemish classic yet: a Scotch Egg, also called “bird’s nest”, is a big meatball with a hard-boiled egg in the middle. This classic had to be included in the Charles kitchen! We prepare the meatballs using the best mixed mince and fresh eggs. The bird’s nests are placed in a homemade seasoned tomato sauce and combined with deliciously creamy mash. / IMAGE 15- Beef mince and broccoli oven bake This oven dish is surprising, with creamy potato gratin, fresh beef mince and broccoli, finished with a layer of cheese for a crispy treat! Our beef mince oven bake is the perfect meal for a cold winter’s day. Just heat up and enjoy a delicious balanced meal. / IMAGE 16- Sole fillet rolls with broccoli mash This daily special is for real connoisseurs! To prepare this superior meal, we simmered sole fillet rolls in a deliciously creamy white wine sauce with fresh finely sliced vegetables. What complements this fish better than tasty homemade broccoli and potato mash rosettes? Our sole rolls are the perfect dish for an unhurried, flavoursome evening. / IMAGE 17- Spaghetti Bolognese Spaghetti always makes us a little bit lyrical at Charles, and who can blame us with this tasty recipe? 😉 Delicious fresh Italian pasta with our unsurpassed homemade Bolognese, made from fresh pork mince, finely sliced vegetables and tomato sauce. We’ll throw in the grated cheese for free! / IMAGE 18- Flemish beef stew Stews are a Belgian’s favourite dish! Our beef stewing meat is prepared using a traditional method, to the recipe passed won by grandpa Charles. We use the best beef in a tasty sauce with dark beer, mustard and lots of onions. And as our forefathers taught us, we leave our meat to stew softly for 12 hours until it is as tender as can be. Combine our stewed meat with lightly seasoned baby potatoes and apple sauce. / IMAGE 19- Meatballs in tomato sauce Sharing is caring, and it’s no different with our meatballs in tomato sauce. Enjoy a generous portion of mixed mince meatballs, with abundant helpings of velvety, slightly herby tomato sauce. Our homemade potato mash is the perfect accompaniment for the meatballs / IMAGE 20- Turkey stew A delicious and honest product like turkey must not be forgotten during the holidays. This is why our chefs have developed a dish that is easy to serve as a starter or main dish. Enjoy this generous portion of tasty succulent pieces of turkey in a creamy brown sauce with fine herbs and wild mushrooms.