• Country Origin: Turkey
IMAGE 1- Hot Roasted ChickpeaThe crispy status of hot... Obtained from fresh chickpeas Turkey's tradition of refreshments / IMAGE 2- PistachiosThe favorite of mixed nuts plate, Indispensable of desserts, Heart friendly cholesterol enemy flavor. / IMAGE 3- Sunflower SeedsWhen you start, you cannot leave the most crispy addiction... It can be accompany for your nice conversations with firends And with your football nights front of tv... / IMAGE 4- AlmondAll praise not enough for this snack. It adds flavor to our desserts and salty pastry. It is also a complete vitamine storage. / IMAGE 5- White ChickpeasAn indispensable snack of diets. Fiber and protein rich, Also a very light snack. / IMAGE 6- Raw ChickpeasChickpeas with flavor spread all over our geography, We offer you the most natural form of the field. / IMAGE 7- Crispy Chickpeas Our traditional nutty, The delicious blend of Asian nutritious soy sauce ... / IMAGE 8- HazelnutHazelnut is the pearl of the Black Sea, Gift from the nature to us. Because it is a complete energy bomb with rich content. / IMAGE 9- Gofi Chickpeas / IMAGE 10- Golden Sauce Corn / IMAGE 11- Pumpkin SeedHealing storage, diet friendly, indispensable for long chats, flavor for your tea time; There it is Pumpkin Seed. / IMAGE 12- Cashew Nuts He came to Brazil to be our fun partner! Not seeing it at cocktails, parties, celebrations almost impossible. Also a complete vitamin D source. / IMAGE 13- Cone Chips / IMAGE 14- Candied ChickpeasSweet nuts with coated sugar. The sweetest taste of the little ones is the sweetest way to make our children happy. / IMAGE 15- Finger Chips / IMAGE 16- Yellow ChickpeaFor the classic taste. We offer the fresh chickpeas with natural roasting methods and the taste of classic tastes. / IMAGE 17- Sauce CornMagic in it's sauce! Exquisite taste, which is created by baking the beloved corn with special spices. / IMAGE 18- Cinnamon ChickpeasHere is a taste of alaturka. Our Cinnamon Chickpeas are perfectly compatible with tea and milk, to the focus of interest for those seeking alternative flavors. / IMAGE 19- Salted Peanuts / IMAGE 20- Salted Chickpeas