panettone & pandoro & colomba

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- CHOCOLATE BUDS AND VOOD VODKA SERAFINI PANETTONE 48-hours sourdough panettone with spring milking butter, Vood vodka jelly and Barry Callebaut 78% chocolate buds. Its particularity makes it balanced and special. / IMAGE 2- MENHIR GRAPPA FLAVOURED SERAFINI PANETTONE Traditional panettone with Gran Riserva Menhir Grappa and raisins, without candied fruits. Its particularity is due to the use of raisins macerated in grappa liqueur for 10 days. These raisins are, then, added to the dough made with mother yeast, spring milking butter, grappa and citruses, creating something made to be enjoyed. / IMAGE 3- TRADITIONAL SERAFINI PANETTONE The Traditional Panettone is made with high quality raw ingredients that enhance its taste: 12x12 candied cold natural peels, raisins with a tender and thin skin in addition to the juice of mixed citrus fruits; as a result, the product has an even more intense and genuine fragrance. / IMAGE 4- Arabica coffee flavoured panettone / IMAGE 5- Curcuma Flavoured Vegan Panettone / IMAGE 6- Extra virgin olive oil panettone / IMAGE 7- Menhir grappa flavoured panettone / IMAGE 8- Serafini Pandoro