SWEETS / dragèes

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- COCOA BEAN The Criollo cocoa bean from Pere fields in Grenada is coated with dark chocolate and then lightly candied. This allows us to get a pleasant and great taste, perfect to go with high quality spirits. / IMAGE 2- LIMONCELLO CRYSTALS Sorrento’s Limoncello liqueur, coated with a light layer of crystallized sugar. Created to be enjoyed freezed, in every moment of the day. / IMAGE 3- VOOD VODKA WITH PEACH DRAGÈES Peach flavoured Vood Vodka coated with dark chocolate. Lightly sliced peaches giving it an unforgettable rose colour. / IMAGE 4- COCONUT DELIGHT P.G.I. Piedmont’s hazelnuts coated with white chocolate, created just with coconut flavoured cocoa butter and then finished with a sprinkling of coconut flakes and with some small spheres of white sugar. / IMAGE 5- Chocolate almond / IMAGE 6- Cognac and oranges dragèes / IMAGE 7- Dark chocolate coffee bean / IMAGE 8- Espresso coffee dragèes / IMAGE 9- Giardineria alcohol free and chocolate dragèes / IMAGE 10- Grappa dragèes / IMAGE 11- Irish cream dragèes / IMAGE 12- Marzipan fruits / IMAGE 13- Rainbow hazelnuts / IMAGE 14- Rhum dragèes liquore / IMAGE 15- Sambuca dragèes / IMAGE 16- tangerine liqueur dragées