• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- CANESTRELLO BISCUIT Traditional Italian shortcrust pastry biscuit shaped as a daisy. It’s produced with selected raw materials, without preservatives or colourings. / IMAGE 2- PUFF PASTRY COOKIE Very light and fragrant delight: a succession of layers of thin puff pastry that culminate with a fragrant and tasty filling. / IMAGE 3- CANTUCCI (ALMOND BISCUIT) Traditional Italian meditation biscuit. Created to be enjoyed with passito wines or “vinsanto”. The dough is very rich in chopped almonds! / IMAGE 4- DARK CHOCOLATE BISCUIT WITH DARK CHOCOLATE DROPS This biscuit is dedicated to True Chocolate lovers. Thanks to the deep love for this ingredient, this biscuit was created to leave persistent and deep aromas in your Memory. / IMAGE 5- Bacio di dama pastries / IMAGE 6- Chocolate drops cookie / IMAGE 7- Cinnamon cookie / IMAGE 8- Hazelnuts cream biscuit / IMAGE 9- Heart- shaped biscuit / IMAGE 10- Krumiro cookie / IMAGE 11- Lemon crunch / IMAGE 12- Lingua di gatto pastry