• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- GRAPPA MENHIR The meticulous care which ingredients are chosen, the exclusive use of marc deriving from delicate pressing of grapes that are mature, soft, healthy, destemmed and fresh from racking, use of particular distillation process involving the refining of 3 years in French oak barrels and the talent of an expert master distiller provide the grappa Menhir with a unique quality and character. / IMAGE 2- VOOD VODKA Vood is an italian vodka of the highest quality obtained by combining the Italian art of distillation with the use of innovative technology. Starting from the best 100% Italian wheat carefully selected and fermented, Vood Vodka is the result of triple distillation from which arises a product with 40% ABV, without impurities and distinguished by smoothness without parallel. / IMAGE 3- VOODTINI AND COSMOVOOD Nio, the best cocktails’ experience out of a bar, and Bruma Italia are pleased to present a new Vodka Vood’s spin off: VoodTini and CosmoVood, the evolution of the well-known Vodka Martini and Cosmopolitan. The innovative packaging allows to shake the pack, open the pre-cut corner and put the cocktail in a glass filled with ice. Few seconds for the perfect cocktail, enriched with the taste of Vodka Vood.