Crunchy Müesli plus

  • Country Origin: Switzerland
IMAGE 1- familia Original Switzerland’s favourite crunchy Müesli with rich apples and juicy raisins. / IMAGE 2- familia with forest fruits Wonderfully refreshing forest fruits and crunchy flakes with a subtle vanilla flavour. / IMAGE 3- familia hazelnut The crunchy Müesli with well-toasted hazelnuts and 50% less sugar. / IMAGE 4- familia fit crisp Apples & Cranberries Extra crispy müesli with fruity apples and juicy cranberries. Contains valuable protein and is rich in iron. Thanks to the careful mix of ingredients, familia fit crisp only contains 3 grams fat per portion. / IMAGE 5- familia fit crisp Blackberries & Yoghurt Tasty crispy müesli with aromatic blackberries and light flakes covered in yoghurt. The ideal mix of ingredients with 30% fewer carbohydrates, 40% less sugar and more protein. / IMAGE 6- familia body balance Figs & Plums Crunchy müesli proven to aid good digestion, familia body balance Figs & Plums has a satisfying roasted taste and gets its exceptional fruity flavour from figs, plums, raspberries, apples and lingonberries. / IMAGE 7- familia body balance Blueberries & Pecans Crunchy and tasty without added sugar, with fruity blueberries and crisp pecan nuts. familia body balance Blueberries & Pecans is great for anyone looking for a healthy feeling from balanced nutrition. It is naturally sweetened and perfected with maple and agave syrup, as well as honey. / IMAGE 8- familia pure balance For natural vitality With simple recipes and a gentle way of processing our valuable raw materials, familia pure balance products are truly pure, natural goods from the heart of Switzerland. Feel naturally energetic and healthy with familia pure balance!