Enjoyment Müesli

  • Country Origin: Switzerland
IMAGE 1- familia Choco Crunch Kick-start your day the tasty way, with familia Choco Crunch – delicious crispy clusters coated in premium Swiss chocolate. The crunchy müesli packed with nutritious whole grains provides a source of slow-release energy throughout the day. Enjoy the new crispy müesli from the Swiss müesli pioneers. / IMAGE 2- familia Knusper Crunch The classic amongst crispy müeslis. familia Knusper Crunch is packed full of tasty hazelnuts, naturally sweet honey, raisins and nutritious whole grains. We select the nuts by hand and carefully toast them using traditional methods. The crunchy müesli provides a source of slow-release energy throughout the day. / IMAGE 3- familia Berry Crunch familia Berry Crunch is a delicious combination of flavoursome strawberries and raspberries with light rice and wheat flakes and nutritious whole grains. This crispy müesli, with 30% less fat, gives you energy to get you through the whole day. / IMAGE 4- familia Choc'X+Bits Are you a connoisseur who wants to treat yourself at breakfast time with real Swiss chocolate, whilst at the same time filling up on valuable, long-lasting healthy energy? Then this is the right müesli for you. You will most certainly be tempted by this unique combination of chocolate-filled cereal pockets and delicious crunchy müesli. / IMAGE 5- familia Swiss Choco Bits familia Swiss Choco Bits are crispy cereal bites full of nutty, melt-in-the-mouth Swiss milk chocolate.