Simply Müesli

  • Country Origin: Switzerland
IMAGE 1- familia Simply wild berries Fragrant forest fruits are baked together with healthy whole grain oat flakes to create a crispy, all-natural müesli – sweetened only by the fruit it contains. No added sugar Wheat-free 100% whole grain oats Vegan / IMAGE 2- familia Simply cocoa-maple High-quality cocoa nibs give the müesli its dark, chocolatey taste, and are gently baked alongside the healthy whole grain oats until crisp. Sweetened only with maple syrup Wheat-free 100% whole grain Vegan / IMAGE 3- familia Simply passion fruit-mango (limited edition) Fresh, fruity passion fruit and mango add an exotic touch. Combined with premium whole grain oats, this müesli is carefully oven-baked until crispy. Its sweetness comes entirely from the fruit. No added sugar Wheat-free 100% whole grain Vegan