Italian Cheese Selection

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- QUARTIROLO LOMBARDO D.O.P. Cow’s milk cheese that takes its name from the quartirola grass (grow after the third cut) which was fed to the cows in late summer. The seasoning gives it a strong flavou / IMAGE 2- GORGONZOLA D.O.P. A soft creamy cheese with a characteristic slightly spicy flavour, with green streaks created by the marbling process. Recognised by the European Union, it is registered in the list of PDO products / IMAGE 3- SALVA CREMASCO D.O.P It is a product similar to Quartirolo Lombardo, and the result of the processing of excess milk that farmers used to produce large amounts of and affine for up to six months, given they had no refrigerated environments. / IMAGE 4- FORMAI DE MUT D.O.P. Semi-cooked cheese with milt, delicate and not salty taste. Ripe, it tends to be tangy. It is made in the Upper Brembana Valley, in mountain pastures at altitudes of between 1300 and 2500 metres. / IMAGE 5- FRESH MOZZARELLA FILONE (block) 1 kg NON-ANIMAL RENNET Fresh streching cheese. Made in Italy / IMAGE 6- BRANZI F.T.B. Semi-cooked soft cheese with mild and delicate taste. It is made in the Upper Brembana Valley, in particular in the area of Branzi, Foppolo and Carona.