• Country Origin: Egypt
IMAGE 1- PRESIDENT GLASS JARS PRESIDENT GLASS JARS Product Description: Creamy spreadable cheese, made of 100% natural milk. Variants: Cream, Cheddar, Roumy, Smoked Cheese, Blue Cheese, Black Olives, Light. Available SKUs: 140g, 240g, 500g, 900g. / IMAGE 2- PRESIDENT SLICES Premium Cheddar Cheese Slices, Available in 3 Variants: For Sandwich, For Burger, Light Available in 10+2P and 48P / IMAGE 3- PRESIDENT SQUARES Product Description: Premium, 100% natural milk cream cheese squers Available SKUs: 6p,8p / IMAGE 4- PRESIDENT TRIANGLES Product Description: Full-Cream, Cheddar-Based triangles, made of 100% natural butter, rich with vitamins, protein and calcium. Variants: Plain & Light Available SKUs: 8P, 16P, 24P, 48P, 64P, 88P / IMAGE 5- PRESIDENT WHITE CHEESE CARTON Product Description: Premium, 100% natural milk white cheese. Variants: Feta Available SKUs: 250g, 500g / IMAGE 6- PRESIDENT WHITE CHEESE TUBS Product Description: Premium, 100% natural milk white cheese in Tubs. Variants: Feta, Baramily, Istanbolli, Low Salt, Light Available SKUs: 250g, 500g, 700g, 8KG / IMAGE 7- Butter / IMAGE 8- PRESIDENET MOZZARELLA Product Description: Premium shredded Mozzarella cheese Available SKUs: 200g