• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Premium mixed nuts Roasted skinned Marcona ALMONDS, roasted CASHEWS, roasted MACADAMIA NUTS. / IMAGE 2- Roasted salted macadamia nut / IMAGE 3- Fried and salted Marcona almonds Almonds, sunflower oil and Salt. / IMAGE 4- Almonds, sunflower oil and Salt. CASHEWS, sunflower oil and salt. / IMAGE 5- Select mixed nuts Fried Marcona ALMONDS, fried CASHEWS, roasted HAZELNUTS, Virginia PEANUTS. / IMAGE 6- Raw noble mixed nuts Roasted CASHEWS, PECAN NUTS, roasted HAZELNUTS, roasted shelled PISTACHIOS and salt. / IMAGE 7- Almonds with bacon flavour Almonds with skin and bacon flavour. / IMAGE 8- Roasted and salted pistachios / IMAGE 9- Shelled walnuts