grain amaranth

  • Country Origin: Peru
Forms of consumption GRAINS, FLOUR, SNACKS, PASTRIES, NUTRITIONAL SU- PPLEMENTS, EXTRUDATES. Benefits Protein source, high lysine content. It is used in the nu- trition for pregnant mothers and children. Seasonality MAY - AUGUST Presentations GRAIN AMARANTH It is also known as amaranth, native plant of the Andes that has a fine and smooth texture. It is a source of essential amino acids. It contains a high amount of lysine, which helps the body absorb cal- cium and plays an important role in the formation of collagen (es- sential for bones, skin, tendons and cartilage). Kiwicha has a high value of protein, calcium, phos- phorus (it contributes to the main- tenance of the teeth) and iron (it contributes to the normal forma- tion of red blood cells and hemog- lobin).