• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Selezione Oro 1kg The “Selezione Oro” is the blend of coffee with perfect balance between the finest varieties of “Arabica” and “Robusta” coffee. Sweet and pleasing aromas from the Brazilian “Arabica” beans and intense fragrance from the Indian “Robusta” beans come here together. / IMAGE 2- Selezione Rossa 1kg The “Selezione Rossa” is the blend characterized by a strong, intense aroma and a creamy, dense body. These sensations are enriched by the delicate and fragrant touch of the best Brazilian “Arabica” varieties and the Indian “Robusta” beans. / IMAGE 3- Selezione Argento 1kg “Selezione Argento” is a blend of coffee characterized by a high percentage of fine “Robusta” varieties from India and Africa, combined with “Arabica” beans from central America and Brazil. The aroma is intense and is accompanied by a full body and a remarkably rich cream.