• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Raw Nuts select mix Seedless raisins, sultanas raisins, sheedless walnut, Brazilian coconut, raw almond blanched, raw almond with skin, hazelnut. / IMAGE 2- Honey fried cashew Cashews, sugar, sugar syrup, dehydrated honey, glucose syrup. / IMAGE 3- Raw skinned Marcona almond Almonds / IMAGE 4- Fried Standard Almond Almonds, sunflower oil and salt / IMAGE 5- Roasted and salted largueta almond Almonds, salt and rice flour. / IMAGE 6- Fried Marcona almond Fried Marcona almond / IMAGE 7- Fried cashew Cashews, sunflower oil and salt. / IMAGE 8- Shelled walnuts / IMAGE 9- Roasted hazelnuts / IMAGE 10- Roasted Iranian pistachios / IMAGE 11- Roasted USA pistachios