Chia seeds

  • Country Origin: Peru
chiaForms of consumption CHIA GRAINS, COOKIES, FLOUR, SNACKS, CONFECTIONERY, BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Chio seeds are easy to use and contain no gluten. Excellent source of protein. fiber. calcium. which contributes to the normal functio- Benefits strengthens system helps control cholesterol levels, due to its polyun- fatty the ning of the muscles, and iron, which immune contributes to the normal transport of oxygen in the body and to the normal formation of red blood cells puD saturated content. ppp and hemoglobin. Chia contains an- tioxidants and a high concentra- tion of omega 3 alpho-linoleic fatty acia (helps maintain normal biood cholesterol levels) and low concen- tration of omego 6. giving it a good Seasonality MAY- AUGUST Presentations GRAIN aouojog