• Country Origin: Peru
Forms of consumption GRAINS, FLOUR, SNACKS, QUINOA PASTRIES, NUTRITIONAL SU- PPLEMENTS AND POP. It has several varieties in which white, rea ana black quinoa stand out. Consicered a food treasure, Included by NASA in astronaut diets for long-term space travel. Quinoa proviaes higher content of Benefits High nutritional value favors intestinal fransit (high fiber content), the development of bacte- How uoy SopD Quuo Duesse ria and helps prevent colon cancer. vegetables ana provides protein, unsaturatea fotty acias. minerais (calcium, iron and magnesium), vitamins (E. B1, 82 and niacin) and phosphorus. It has the property of absorbing water, staving longer in Estacionalidad APRIL - JULY Presentations the stomach and does not contain gluten. GRAINS, POWDER. FLAKES AND POP