mote corn

  • Country Origin: Peru
MOTE CORN Forms of consumption SNACKS Mote corn is mild in flavor, floury textu- Benefits It is an antioxidant, it favors the body's meta- bolism, helps in the func- tioning of the central system and the digestive re and does not contain gluten. Due to its polysaccharide carbohydrate content, it is an excellent source of energy. When consumed it leaves with satiefy. thanks to its fiber that helps us improve our digestion and to reduce cholesterol levels. If provides beta-carotene a component of vitO- nervous keeps system heaithy. Seasonality min A that produces defenses in the body. The B vitamins, such as B1, B3 and B9, have minerals Such as mag- calcium. iron and phos- JULY- DECEMBER Presentations wnseu GRAIN sruoud