• Country Origin: Peru
PANELA If is a natural sweetener thoat is obtained from the evaporation, con- centration and crystallization of sugarcane juice, which is then gronu- latea by shaking. It is composed mostly of sucrose and in lesser amount for fructose and glucose. It contains enzymes, fiber, vitamins A, and some of the group 8. C. D and E, minerals such as calcium, potassIum. magnesium. copper and iron. It is not refined or centrifuged, this gives the panela a dark hue and makes it confain essential minerals. Forms of consumption HONEY, PASTRES, SOFT Seasonality ALL YEAR Benefits sapnod appreciable amounts of vitamins and mi- neras. it provides us with the necessary energy for the de velopment of metabolic pro- 30s30 Presentations GRANULES AND BARS.