• Country Origin: Peru
PURPLE CORN This variety of corn, whose cultivation dates back to pre-Hispanic times. is a healthy heritage for humanity. It provides important phytochemi- cals for health and contains phenolic substances and anthocyanins. which have been shown in studies that can lower blood pressure in hypertensive people and raise the total antioxidonit capacity of the blood. Purple corn, is the basis of icons of Peruvian.cuisine, such as ma- zamorra and chicha morada, and is also used as o cleanser, hypotenst ve and anti-inflammatory. Forms of consumption FLOUR, BEVERAGES, INSTANT MIX, PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, NUTRITONAL SUPPLEMENTS. Seasonality DECEMBER - APRIL Benefits t lowers blood pressure. No- tural antioxidant (phenolic acids) that sows cell oging. Presentations MAZORCA WITH GRAIN - POWDER UVUIINIVIUU