• Country Origin: Peru
ANNATTO SEED Forms of consumption It is a seed extracted from the bush also called achiote. The achiote has multiple qualities and is highly deman- ded in the food industry for its plea- sant flavor as a condiment, in addition the bbin of its seeds provides one of FOOD FLAVORING, ME- DICAL INDUSTRY, BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Seasonality AUGUST - JANUARY the shades of the purest red color, also Used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of cream, fipsticks, suns- Benefits It is a powertul antiox- dant and has diuretic creens and as insect repellent. Also in the pharmaceutical industry is used to combat hypertension and prostate seouoisars sdjeu puD juoseAe esoono pocjg eonoe offect sasDegp Presentations GRAINS - POWDER