VEGETABLE / Ginger & Garlic / Mushrooms

  • Country Origin: Peru
Forms of consumption It is a root that contains a variety of healing properties ond is considered a superfood today due to its riutritio- nal benefits. It has a high fiber con- tent, amino acids such as valine and gingeron that give it a spicy flavor. It INFUSIONS, SUPPLEMENT, DRINKS. SPIRITS AND ENERGYBARS. NUTRITIONAL Seasonality ULY-DECEMBER AND JANUARY-MARCH contains vitamin C. which allows a Benefits Relief of digestive pro- biems, helps the ossimila- tion of fatty foods. Anti-in- fiammatory power and antioxidant property. healthy development of fissues in the body and the strengthening of the immune system. It is also rich in vitamin E, B9 or folic acid and mine- -SDIod pup uniseubowu so yɔns sjopJ sium, this contributes to the proper function of the digestive system. Presentations FRESH - POWDER