• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Truffle rice Delicious rice flavoured with truffle taste. Box – 250 g – Item number ITTR0189 – EAN 8008348002689 Categories: ITALIAN TRUFFLES, Truffle Specialities / IMAGE 2- White truffle honey Fine acacia’s honey flavoured with truffle taste. It combines with fresh or seasoned cheese and ice-cream; it may be used to prepare sweet and sour sauces. Glass Jar – 400 g – Item number ITTR0157 – EAN 8008348002016 Glass Jar – 130 g – Item number ITTR0156 – EAN 8008348002009 / IMAGE 3- White truffle flavoured flour It may be used to thicken sauces ot to flavour pizza dough. It is also perfect to make gnocchi, soups or mashed potatoes. Glass Jar – 250 g – Item number ITTR0155 – EAN 8008348001880 Glass Jar – 100 g – Item number ITTR0154 – EAN 8008348001897 / IMAGE 4- Truffle egg tagliatelle Delicious egg tagliatelle flavoured with truffle taste. Box – 250 g – Item number ITTR0186 – EAN 8008348002610 / IMAGE 5- Black truffle salt This product comes from the union between crystals of salt and dehydrated black summer truffles. It is perfect to enrich meat, fish or vegetables. Glass Jar – 100 g – Item number ITTR0268 – EAN 8008348004560 / IMAGE 6- Quail eggs with truffles Premium eggs quail boiled and already hand shelled, enriched with white truffle. Drain and serve them to enrich appetizers and aperitifs. Glass Jar – 280/175 g – Item number ITTR0227 – EAN 8008348003754 / IMAGE 7- Whipped salt cod with white truffle We have combined the best North Sea salted codfish with the white truffle. It is perfect to eat on hot cornmeal mush or on slices of grill cornmeal mush. It is an amazing seasoning for potatoes gnocchi, dried pasta and risotto. It is an ideal stuffed for ravioli, tortelli and paccheri. To try on croutons and pizzas, it may also be used for the preparation of sandwiches and vola u vent. Glass Jar – 310 g – Item number ITTR0277 – EAN 8008348006151 Glass Jar – 90 g – Item number ITTR0276 – EAN 8008348006090