• Country Origin: Peru
IMAGE 1- PIGEON PEAS It is a legume, whose seed is very healthy, is known as Gandul, by most countries. It is characterized by being round and small, brown o Forms of cons umptio GASTRONOMY Seasonality JUNE-DECEMBER dark beige and with darker brown It has a high nutritional value since it Benefits It has a high content of folic acid, recommended for pregnant women, is a great source of fiber and has 0 cholesterol. contains high levels of proteins and amino slow-absorbed carbohydrates and provides minerals such as magne- sium, potassium, zinc, calcium ond phosphorus. in combiration with ce acids, Osjo SUIDIUOO Presentations reals the stick bean is really a com- GRAINS pletely balanced meal. / IMAGE 2- BABY LIMA BEAN It is a kind of bean, white and flat. Originally from Latin America, it requires a cooking time of about forty minutes to be consumed, thus achieving a smooth and unctuous texture that melts on the palate. Lima beans is a food rich in fiber, folates, iron and potassium, its high, together with low sodium content, is Forms of consumptio GASTRONOMY Seasonality SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER Benefits It helps prevent constipa- tion, lower the blood cho- lesterol rate and keep glu- cose levels more stable. very indicated in diets for people with hypertension. Its main compo- nent is carbohydrates and also pro- vide a significant amount of vegeta- ble protein. Presentations CALIBER / IMAGE 3- Black eye bean Forms of consumptio It is a legume whose seed is a natural Source of important vitamins for GASTRONOMY energy produUction. The bean has a pleasant flavor, creamy white to creamy oval-shaped with a black eye in the middle. It is quick to cook and has the advantage of being easily digested, has a low fat con- tent, high fiber and iron content, Seasonality ALL YEAR Benefits It helps prevent diabetes, obesity and regulate the digestive system. It lowers the cholesterol rate and is effective against anemia does not contain cholesterol and is a Source of folic acid. It has the effect on strengthening the spleen, in the process of eliminating water and toxins from the body. Presentations GRAINS / IMAGE 4- Cannellin bean Forms of It is a very nutritious type of legume. it has a high content of vegetable consumptio GASTRONOMY proteins and soluble and insoluble fiber. The bean is an important Source of energy, also provides vita- Seasonality JUNE-SEPTEMBER mins A and B. minerals Such as cal- Benefits cium, magnesium, phosphorus, po- tassium, sodium and zinc, corbohy- drates and essential micronutrients for the body. It has a low fat content, its high iron content, helps cary Oxygen throughout the body, its fiber is very satiating and causes energy to be released from food more Stimulates and promotes digestion. It helps control choiesterol and blood sugar levels. metabolism Presentations GRAINS slowly. /IMAGE 5- Mung bean Forms of consumptio It is a legume that stands out for its great flavor, is digested more easiy and offers some of the highest levels GASTRONOMY Seasonality of nutrition available, ideal for chil- dren in full development and exce- APRIL - SEPTEMBER llent complement to a nutritious diet. Benefits It favors the metabolism, lowers the cholesterol index and tones the ner- It hos a high content of vitamin E. which improves human fertility, an- tioxidants and enzymes that heip protect us from damage caused by VOuS system. Alkalizes the body and helps prevent free radicals. In addition, it contains cancer. potossium, phosphorus, iron and in a Presentations germinated state, it acquires a lot of GRAINS energy properties. / IMAGE 6- Val bean it is an oval elliptical shaped grain, opaque or semi-gloss creamy and Forms of consumptio GASTRONOMY has a high protein content, excellent for the formation of muscles and tissues in the body. Zarandaja is rich in protein. carbohydrates, minerals Seasonality MAY - JULY Benefits It helps good digestion. and impacts favorably on weight. It reduces the risk of diabetes and serves to combat insomnia. and vitaminB complex. as well as folic acid. Its high fiber content helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels decreases the speed with pup which glucose is released into the system. It is also a source of polyun- saturated fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants. Presentations GRAINS / IMAGE 7- Lupini bean It is a legume, considered os the seed of the future, becOUse of its resistonce to cimatic charges, it adopts very easily to low femperatu res ond is culfivated in not very fertile soils. Tarwi, also known as chocho. nutritional Forms of consumptio FLOUR AND GASTRO- AWON Seasonality ALL YEAR exceptional contains value, high levels of protein and fiber, vitamins, minerals and low levels of fat and glycemic. It has a Benefits It improves the immune system ard protects cells from free radicals. It helpS calcium absorption and muscle tissue building. low carbohydrate content compa- red to other foods and is a nutritional alternative for vegetarians. Presentations GRAINS / IMAGE 8- Broad bean Forms of consumptio GASTRONOMY tion, with a high nutritional power ana with a low fatcontent. rich in vegeto- ble proteins, carbohyarotes ana fiber Seasonality JUNE - OCTOBER Benefits t helps to lose weight euoOuee ino souce uOa uouM 4 pocg aui u uečAko jo uodtuc DuD QueuD uanaud UDpoi ouo Bunok yoo 1g uwoA pup essential for the y uiLuoA SOu uciupoo u uDeu skin. Stimulates metabo- System and forenergy metabolam. InCau au e Buiuogoun edoid Presentations GREEN 13/17-PEELED WHO- LE-PEELED SFLIT - BEANS S/EL/E/L tt/6 / IMAGE 9- Panamito bean It is a small white grain, soft texture and oval shaped. It is grown in bean, coastal and mountain producing areas. Its flavor is very pleasant and they absorb the flavor of the food very well. The panamito bean stands out for its high content of proteins, vitamin E, mninerals such as magne- sium, potassium, iron and folic acic, carbohydrates and fiber. Forms of consumptio GASTRONOMY Seasonality AUGUST- FEBRUARY Benefits It contributes to good brain development in chil- dren, helps correct biliary disorders, lowers choleste- rol ond is effective against onemia. Presentations GRAINS