gift package

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- What a Dove fabric Striped themes and floral themes alternate with balance on the cotton fabric lining elegant boxes with book closure. Inside, as a precious knowledge, the scent and taste of the most classic recipe / IMAGE 2- Spring Bread Basket La Colomba, in its classic recipe, is comfortably laid on these useful and solid cotton bread containers, double-sided padded and covered with fabric with cheerful spring patterns of flowers and polka dots / IMAGE 3- The Dove with the Crown Spring can also be given when, carefree flower compositions made by skilled craftsmen, crown the traditional Easter dove , with originality and effect, rigorously wrapped by hand. / IMAGE 4- Sottopiattissimo The traditional Colomba finds an ideal complement in a very useful underplate both in the kitchen and in the dining room, oval shaped, in worked and woven cotton with wicker effect edged Jute, in two color variations enriched with matching bows. / IMAGE 5- fiorelloni The bag and the placemat are in printed fabric with large flowers colored in the green of their foliage on a light background creating a look that expresses elegance, lightness and freshness, in perfect harmony with the aroma of the traditional Easter Dove. / IMAGE 6- Shoppers with Flakes In this packaging, with a useful and immediate reuse, the very traditional Colomba is contained in a cotton shopper printed with delicate patterns and colors; with the handles that create the package bow. / IMAGE 7- Clumps of Spring In a cheerful cascade of flowers, all the colors of spring celebrate the taste of the classic Colomba; sack and placemat, freshly printed cotton, close the package with a nice forelock / IMAGE 8- Large Liberty box The classic Colomba Bonifanti is combined with a simple but elegant container to be reused on a thousand different occasions, to put order in every wardrobe, or in the kitchen / IMAGE 9- Liberty square Classic Macaroons. Sometimes a simple and very useful gift idea becomes the winning solution for festive occasions, when you want to be on the safe side to close your lunch or dinner with taste and satisfaction. / IMAGE 10- The Elegant Dove The cardboard box lined with embossed paper contains the most uncompromising recipe of the Bonifanti tradition. Taste and elegance enriched with two-colored bows.