• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Optical Frosted This red version contains the Glazed Panettone, the number one, the best known and most loved. / IMAGE 2- Optical Without Candied Not everyone loves candied fruit, everyone loves panettone. If the party is for everyone, it takes a Panettone without candied fruit, Optical line, blue variant. / IMAGE 3- Milanese Optical The shades of blue in the package are easily associated with the most classic of panettone, the Milanese from the original recipe / IMAGE 4- Optical Pear and Chocolate Chocolate immediately comes to mind, looking at this package, and there is no mistaking. The version in shades of brown is dedicated to chocolate, here associated with pears in that unique mix that Bonifanti offers in its inimitable panettone / IMAGE 5- Optical Mixed Fruit Those who instinctively associate green color with nature and its richness will not be surprised to discover a Mixed Fruit Panettone in this Optical package dedicated to those looking for fruity sensations to associate with dessert / IMAGE 6- Optical Amarena The red Christmas color also recalls the color of the cherries, the main ingredient of the product of this Cadeau package, the Panettone Amarena. / IMAGE 7- Optical Chocolate The modern and attractive look of the Optical line finds in the brown variant the perfect association with the hazelnuts and chocolate of the Chocolate Frosted Panettone. / IMAGE 8- Optical Cranberries The natural characteristics and beneficial properties of Cranberries make this panettone a unique product due to its particular flavor and digestibility. The green version of the Optical line vividly suggests the reference to nature