• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Panettone Gran Milanese Alto Tall or short? Here is a question that has no objective answers. Those who prefer high Panettone usually look for softness, that is, a particularly soft consistency, and those who choose Bonifanti know to find it in this version of the typical Milanese Panettone / IMAGE 2- Panettone Gran Milanese Milan is not only the fashion capital. It is the symbol of a Panettone that Bonifanti creates in his original recipe with sultanas and candied orange and cedar peel, in its low version that concentrates and enhances the flavors and aromas of the dough / IMAGE 3- Panettone Glazed without Candied Fruit The candied fruit selected by Bonifanti, first chopped pieces, is of unquestionable quality, but not everyone likes Panettone with candied fruit ... The great classic Bonifanti renounces candied fruit for the joy and taste of those who make a choice of preference. / IMAGE 4- Frosted Panettone With eyes closed. There is no mistaking it. He is number one, the best known, the most loved. It is the great Bonifanti classic with sultanas, candied orange peel and cedar, covered with an inimitable glaze of hazelnuts and whole almonds. / IMAGE 5- Panettone glazed with pieces of chocolate Hazelnuts and chocolate: a combination that has made the history of Piedmontese delights. Outside, crunchy hazelnut glaze; inside, exquisite pieces of dark chocolate / IMAGE 6- Panettone filled with chocolate There are those who love chocolate and are never satisfied. The Bonifanti Panettone filled with chocolate accepts the challenge and triples its taste with a particularly creamy filling, a surprising cocoa glaze and a grain of dark chocolate that garnishes everything. / IMAGE 7- Panettone Coffee and Chocolate Many like to combine chocolate with coffee. It is an ancient habit that never sets, and this Panettone keeps its promise already when the wrapping is opened, when a delicate aroma of coffee fades into the scents of the dough / IMAGE 8- Panettone Peach Pear At Christmas you may want to taste something different, while respecting certain rules. This special Panettone is dedicated to those who love to combine the simple and genuine flavors of nature. Pear pulp and candied peach harmonize perfectly in a Panettone with hazelnut glaze. / IMAGE 9- Panettone with Cranberries Native Americans used cranberry to treat wounds and digestive problems. Today this fruit, rich in antioxidants and known for its beneficial properties, characterizes a very particular Panettone, appreciated for its unique flavor and great digestibility / IMAGE 10- Mixed Fruit Panettone Often, during Christmas lunches and dinners, fruit and dessert accompany each other at the end to prolong the pleasure of the party as much as possible. For those who want to indulge in this temptation there is an extraordinarily fruity Panettone with apricot, cherry, lime and orange peel, papaya, candied peaches, candied peaches of the highest quality that create a perfect mix of aromas and flavors / IMAGE 11- Panettone with Apple and Raisins There are combinations that can surprise and stimulate curiosity in full respect of traditions. Under the hazelnut glaze, sprinkled with almond sticks, the candied apple and sultanas are intensely colored with cinnamon to generate an irresistible Christmas appeal. / IMAGE 12- Panettone Marrons Glacés Being greedy for marron glacès is not a sin, but not only the lovers of this precious flavor will appreciate the incredible balance created by the marron glacès in chunks that replace raisins and candied fruit in the dough of a truly unique Panettone / IMAGE 13- Pear and Chocolate Panettone Pear and chocolate, a combination of the most loved by chefs, pastry chefs and gourmets from all over the world. This unmistakable mix is ​​reinterpreted by Bonifanti in a Panettone without glaze where pieces of candied pear mix with drops of extra dark chocolate / IMAGE 14- Cherry and Chocolate Panettone When the candied cherries and the drops of extra dark chocolate meet in the dough of this Panettone without glaze, a combination of flavors is created which is impossible to give up. / IMAGE 15-Panettone Cioccopesca with Amaretto From the most exquisite Piedmontese confectionery traditions a very particular and inviting flavor is born which in the Panettone Cioccopesca is presented delicately, thanks to the union of pieces of candied peach and drops of chocolate flavored with amaretto. / IMAGE 16- Panettone with Moscato Moscato wine meets the dough of Panettone Bonifanti, rich in sultanas, creating a mix of intensity and sweetness perfect to end your Christmas lunch or dinner. / IMAGE 17- Panettone with Nebbiolo Grappa Here is a dessert dedicated to the finest connoisseurs, constantly looking for original experiences. The sultanas are left to infuse in the Grappa di Nebbiolo for more than 18 hours to absorb the intensity and aromas of the distillate. Then this extraordinary flavor spreads harmoniously in the Panettone dough to offer the pleasantness of some alcohol content combined with the usual, typical softness / IMAGE 18- Panettone with Amarena Black cherries play a leading role in the large family of Panettone Bonifanti which is enriched with an extraordinary, original product, but always faithful to the strictest rules of confectionery art. / IMAGE 19- Panettone with Mulled Wine Traditionally, in many families, mulled wine heats the coldest winter evenings. Its spicy flavor adds up nicely to the taste of a dessert. Thus was born the idea of ​​Panettone Bonifanti with Vin Brulè with IGP Piedmont Hazelnut glaze, without candied citrus peel. The raisins are soaked in Barbera del Piemonte DOC wine flavored with cinnamon and cloves and the addition of pieces of candied peach completes a truly special product / IMAGE 20- Panettone with Beer and Chocolate An extraordinary combination dedicated to those who want to explore new sensations. The beer that characterizes this Panettone is dark, similar in taste to the English Imperial Stouts, has an average alcohol content (8 degrees) and a complexity of taste that harmonizes perfectly with all the classic ingredients of the Bonifanti recipe. / IMAGE 21- Panettone with Marsala On the table, at the moment of dessert, it is nice to meet tastes and flavors that find harmony and consistency in the name of gastronomic traditions and customs consolidated over time. When Marsala wine meets Panettone Bonifanti, the result confirms every best expectation with a harmony of flavors that surprises for its delicacy and personality