Our vegetable convenience products

  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Vegan spread liverwurst Pepper, marjoram and nutmeg are among the refined spices that gives our its special flavour. / IMAGE 2- Vegetable convenience Vegan ham sausage, our vegan, mild alternative to the pork sausage classic is more than just a children's favourite – it looks like and tastes like ham sausage / IMAGE 3- Organic tofu minced Now you can cook every mince classic yourself – and it also tastes good to conventional meat eaters. Our organic tofu minced is produced from Berief organic tofu and contains many valuable vegetable proteins and only few saturated fatty acids. Our tofu minced will convince you as a filling and as a basis for vegan sauces, as a stove-top dish with fresh vegetables in season, and in a tomato sauce on spaghetti. / IMAGE 4- Organic tofu strips Our tofu strips are produced of Berief tofu – and effortlessly replaces the meat classic. With an extra helping of valuable vegetable proteins and minimal saturated fats. Fried in a pan, with a spicy sauce or crisp lettuce salad. Seasoned to taste – with fresh herbs, a vegetable delight! / IMAGE 5- Organic soy burger Our classic, purely vegetable in organic quality – and our top seller! A savoury-fresh idea from Berief. The perfect soy burger tastes just as good cold on whole-grain bread as it does fresh out the frying pan. With a lot of vegetable protein it satisfies sustainably without the full feeling. / IMAGE 6- Vegetarian grilled cevapcici Bell peppers, onions and garlic are just a few of the refined ingredients that give our delicious balkanröllchen its typical flavour. It's likely that no gourmet can resist the grilled classic. And they are also pretty delicious cooked in the pan.