vegetable drinks organic

  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Organic soya drink natural Discover and enjoy your soya drink natural at any time of day – whether with breakfast cereal, in latte macchiato or as a light refreshment between. / IMAGE 2- Organic soya drink chocolate… Sometimes there must be a bit more – and a clear conscience! If you love chocolate, our Organic soya drink chocolate is made for you. Delicious and light – with just 1.2% fat. / IMAGE 3- Organic soya drink vanilla The fragrance of vanilla can help relieve stress. Our Organic soya drink vanilla can do even more: Prepared with organically grown ingredients, it impresses with a finely rounded vanilla flavour and is great in your cereal or smoothie. / IMAGE 4- Organic soya drink naturell unsweetened enjoy our pure vegetable organic drink natural without added sugar. Obtained for organically grown products, it will impress you, convince you with discrete refinements and accompany you in your daily routine. / IMAGE 5- Organic soya rice drink Two that understand each other immediately: Soy and rice. With this round-the-clock companion, you will meet a genuine, light, and the same time very filling drink alternative: Ideal and super practical, if you want something that is not so sweet. / IMAGE 6- Organic oat drink Mild flavour – a real cool character Our organic oat drink has no sugar whatsoever. Experience it for yourself: As a mixed drink with fresh summer fruits it is unbeatable. However it also rescues rainy days in front of a fire – in semolina or an airy dessert. We dispense with sugar – fermented oats supply the natural sweetness. Our organic oat drink contains organically grown ingredients and it is naturally lactose-free. / IMAGE 7- Organic rice drink natural Rice: naturally lactose-free Lactose-free by nature and – like all of our products – made from controlled organic cultivation. With the organic rice drink, we recommend an another vegetable drink. It pleases with the gentle sweetness of fermented rice. Delicious in cereal, as a mixed drink with fresh fruit, it has also proven itself in the kitchen: for example in home-baked and sophisticated desserts. / IMAGE 8- Organic rice drink vanilla It is the added vanilla that makes our organic rice drink vanilla into something very special. The natural sweetness comes from the fermented rice. Our Organic rice drink vanilla is made of pure organic ingredients without the addition of sugar and it is naturally lactose-free. An essential culinary delight for everyone who loves vegetable drinks. / IMAGE 9- Organic spelt drink Ancient grain delight: our organic drink with spelt Recommended by gourmets: An organic diet is hard to imagine without spelt. At Berief, the versatile ancient-grain star is a refreshing organic drink. The drink get its mild sweetness solely from the processed spelt. Enjoy the cereal drink refrigerated at any time of day. It is also recommended for cooking and baking. / IMAGE 10- Organic almond drink unsweetened The special pleasure with fine flavour Foamed, the almond drink gives vegan cappuccino the special note. Mediterranean almonds from controlled organic cultivation give it its delicious flavour. Also try it in desserts and sauces. / IMAGE 11- Organic coconut drink unsweetened, our exotic coconut artist Exotic, fresh note, vegan and a real surprising moment of pleasure: Bring tropical freshness into your home with our organic coconut drink! Delicious as a shake; the typical coconut flavour harmonises perfectly with the exotic fruits, in desserts, cereal, and the classic piña colada. It gives Asian dishes, sauces and vegetables an extra twist. Low-fat, as it is made from coconut pulp with the addition of coconut flavourings. / IMAGE 12- Organic cashew drink Discover real cashew power Cashews are true allrounders: mellow nutty in taste, rich of vitamins and minerals to give you an extra push of energy and power! / IMAGE 13- Organic coconut tropic drink Fresh summer enjoyment made easy! The Organic Coconut Tropical Drink is a fusion of tropical coconut and a sunny fruit blend of banana, mango, pineapple and passion fruit. Enjoy it chilled over ice or use it as a base for exotic cocktails. Or why not bring the taste of summer to breakfast and try it with some muesli? Yearning for far-off places has never tasted so good!