BEVERAGES / fruit juice

  • Country Origin: Turkey
IMAGE 1- Juices Product Features Juices All Natural No Sugar No Additive Non GMO No preservatives Gluten Free Product Description Juices is prepared from all natural grown fruits. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, giving your taste buds an ambrosial treat. Great with meals or on its own, BOTTAGRA Juices has a refreshing to your day. High in melatonin content, juices are said to help the body regulate its circadian rhythm, improving sleep and sleep quality.Only from BOTTAGRA Juices can you find a juice with just the right amount of tanginess, just a hint of earthiness, and a heap of robust fruitiness. / IMAGE 2- Nectars Product Features Nectars No Glycose Syrup Non GMO No Preservatives Gluten Free Product Description Experience the exquisite aroma of sun kissed sweetness of the fruit in a smooth refreshing nectar made from European fruits. Not from Concentrate, Made with real fruit puree, No high fructose corn syrup, Every sip is like biting into the fruit.