• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- the blonde Botteress it is larger or white beer if served with less . fruity and spicy beer. Medium bitterness. Alc: 7.5% Vol. / IMAGE 2- The Amber Botteress very long-lasting spicy beer. sweet and fruity. Medium bitterness. Alc: 8.5% Vol. / IMAGE 3- Honey Botteress is very spicy ( mixture of 12 spices and herbs). soft and very fragrant. Alc: 8.5% Vol. / IMAGE 4- The Brown Botteress very spicy and very long in the mouth. Medium bitterness. Alc: 9.5% Vol. / IMAGE 5- The Black Botteress dark beer brewed with pale ale malts. caramel and chocolate malts. Very strong and soft at the same time. Good bitterness. Alc: 10.5% Vol. / IMAGE 6- The White Botteress white beer brewed with blond barely malts. Wheat malts and wheat flakes. Very fruity and refreshing. Alc: 6.2% Vol. / IMAGE 7- The Apple Botteress this lager is made with blond malts. Fresh apple juice is added to the bottling (30%). fruity. Not too bitter. Alc: 5.2% Vol. / IMAGE 8- The cherry Botteress cherry juice is added to the bottling (30%0. fruity. Serve very fresh. Alc: 6% Vol. / IMAGE 9- The Liegeoise According to an original recipe. It combines the freshness of a refreshing beer and the taste of a special beer. Alc: 6% Vol. / IMAGE 10- Sur-les-Bois Blonde This lager is brewed with blond barely malts. Quenching. Fruity and well hoped. Alc: 7% Vol. / IMAGE 11- Sur-les-Bois Ambree this amber beer is spicy with malty flavors. Alc: 8% Vol. / IMAGE 12- Sur-les-Bois Brune this dark beer is a tasting beer for lovers of very malty flavors (licorice. Chocolate. Coffee) medium bitterness. Alc: 9% Vol.