BREADS " Breads of Indulgence "

  • Country Origin: France
IMAGE 1- Bacon and Cheese B'Break 70g The most classic and timeless of all recipes, the flavour of smoked lardons combined with melted grated Emmental cheese. A winning recipe for any time of day. / IMAGE 2- Marinated Tomatoes and Rosemary B'Break 70g The intensity of marinated tomatoes, dried tomatoes and tomato purée combined with the finesse of rosemary for B'Break with sunny flavours. / IMAGE 3- Fig Roll 55g Rich in large fig pieces bread. Intense fig flavour against a rye background. / IMAGE 4- Walnut and Hazelnut Roll 55g Rich in large walnuts and hazelnuts pieces bread. / IMAGE 5- Muesli B'Break 70g For a break that combines pleasure and balance. "Home-made" muesli mix made from 5 cereals and dried fruits (free of preservatives), enhanced with a dash of honey for a naturally sweet note. / IMAGE 6- Cocoa and Chocolate Chips B'Break 70g The traditional and must-have "fully chocolate". A large quantity of chocolate chips. Cocoa powder for an intense taste and a very appealing and tempting visual. / IMAGE 7- Chorizo B'Break 70g Based on this Spanish speciality which has become a must-have. Very high-quality chorizo, without colourants and smoked over beech wood. Paprika, a colourful spice, for a lovely appetising colour and a mild and fragrant note / IMAGE 8- 2 Olives and Rosemary B'Break 70g The year-round must-have. A generous blend (30%) of green olives and black olives. A dash of rosemary et a splash of extra virgin olive oil to enhance the taste. / IMAGE 9- Muesli Loaf 330g Rich in dried fruits bread: raisins, cranberries, dried apricots, roasted hazelnuts, chopped almonds topping. / IMAGE 10- Fig Loaf 330g Rich in large fig pieces bread. Intense fig flavour against a rye background. / IMAGE 11- Black Olive Stick 45g Ciabatta-style soft interior bread with thin crust and black olive flavour. / IMAGE 12- Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Roll 50g A bread with real sun-dried tomatoes, spicy notes of basil and oregano.