ALCOHOLIC PREMIXES / Alcoholic beverages

  • Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- WKD WKD is a sparkling alcoholic mix (4% ABV) of fruit flavours and comes in a range of variants. WKD Blue, WKD Iron Brew, WKD Berry and WKD Passion fruit offer a great tasting, refreshing fruity drink with just the right amount of alcohol. In addition there are two, low calorie, contemporary flavour combinations NKD. A sparkling alcoholic mix (4% ABV) blending Blueberry & Elderflower or Lemon & Lime are both great tasting drinks that are both light, refreshing and contain less than 100 calories per bottle. Combine all this with our ‘For the Now’ brand campaign and you have the nations No. 1 Ready to Drink brand. Where is it sold? You can find WKD in most bars, off licenses and supermarkets What formats can it be bought in? 275ml, 500ml or 700ml bottles as well as a variety of pack sizes at off licenses and supermarkets. / IMAGE 2- MERRYDOWN First produced back in 1946, Merrydown is made with the finest culinary and dessert apples to produce a unique appley tasting cider. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Merrydown is available as a 6% abv and 7.5% abv cider and is available in Medium and Dry varieties. Where is it sold? You can find Merrydown in supermarkets, off licenses and independent shops. What formats can it be bought in? 500ml and 750ml bottles