Date products / DATES

  • Country Origin: Tunisia
IMAGE 1- Pet Trays / IMAGE 2- Bouquets / IMAGE 3- Boxes / IMAGE 4- Card Boxes / IMAGE 5- BULK / IMAGE 6- PET Trays / IMAGE 7- APET Trays / IMAGE 8- DoyPack / IMAGE 9- Foam Trays / IMAGE 10- Wood Trays / IMAGE 11- Carton Trays / IMAGE 12- Raviers PET / IMAGE 13- Sleeve Pack / IMAGE 14- Cups / IMAGE 15- Under Vaccum / IMAGE 16- Alig It is a mellow date with abundant and tasty flesh. / IMAGE 17- Khouat Alig It is a date characterized by its elongated and fine shape. Its texture, color and taste are similar to those of the Alig variety. / IMAGE 18- Kenta It is a very clear yellowish date, with the characteristic of being early. It matures in the first weeks of OctoberThe first ambition of BOUDJEBEL SA VACPA is to be your Global Supplier of dates. / IMAGE 19- Noor Dates Deglet Nour, grown in southern Tunisia is a mellow date of light,golden and translucent color. It is a variety with a refined taste. / IMAGE 20- Medjool Dates Mejdool is a variety of dates originating from Morocco. Over the years, it has been introduced in the United States, which has become a leading producer in Morocco. / IMAGE 21- Siwi Dates This variety of dates, grown mainly in Egypt and originating from the oasis of Siwa, is a small date of excellent quality and has a light brown color. / IMAGE 22- Mazafati Dates Mazafati dates, also called dates of Bam, originate from the south of Iran.It is a variety of dates soft, sweet and of dark color. / IMAGE 23- Zahedi Dates Zahedi dates are a variety of dates mainly produced in Iran.It isknown to be low sugar, semi-dried and light in color. / IMAGE 24- Piarom Dates Piarom dates are a variety of dates mainly produced in Iran. It isknown to be the tastiest sweetened semi-dried dates, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. it has a round shape and a more or less dark color. / IMAGE 25- Sayer Dates Sayer dates are a variety of dates mainly produced in Iran.It is characterized by a medium texture as well as a thick but also rough skin. / IMAGE 26- Barhi Dates Barhi dates are a mainly yellowish date variety; this variety of dates has a unique characteristic in its edibility during the three stages of maturity. / IMAGE 27- Sukkari Dates Sukkari dates are a variety of dates mainly produced in Saudi Arabia.This variety has a melting and honey-like texture but also a sweet and caramelized taste. / IMAGE 28- Ajwa Dates Ajwa dates are a variety of dates mainly produced in Saudi Arabia. This variety is strongly distinguished by its taste. / IMAGE 29- Crystal Sugar Derived from the crystallization of liquid sugar, it is an ideal alternative to ordinary sugar. It is a high-intensity sweetener, about 1.7times sweeter than regular sugar.It has a very low glycemic index which makes it perfect for people with diabetes. Obtained only from dates, it is a 100% natural product. It is soluble in water with a pleasant sweet taste that does not distort the flavor of your coffees or teas. / IMAGE 30- Kernel Oil Obtained by cold pressing; Deglet Nour kernel oil is a yellowish-green liquid with a pleasant odor.This oil is a natural antioxidant rich in oleic and lauric acid with a high content of phenolic compounds. / IMAGE 31- Chopped The date paste is obtained by processing and maceration of dates, cut into 5 to 8 mm or 8 to 10 mm pieces and then covered with rice flour. / IMAGE 32- Powder To get the powder, the dates are dehydrated and finely ground. The powder is a natural and nutritious sweetener, which is a perfect substitute for refined sugar. It is used in confectionery, bakery and cereal products. / IMAGE 33- Syrup A concentrate of date juice that is brown and water-soluble. It can be combined with drinks, jams, fruit preparations, jellies, dairy products, and ice creams. / IMAGE 34- Puree Brown colored and rich in dietary fiber, date puree is mainly consumed as a finished product; it can also be used in processed fruit juices, smoothies, compotes, and jams. / IMAGE 35- Dices Processed and pitted, the dates are then divided into pieces of 5to 8 mm or 8 to 10 mm. / IMAGE 36- Paste Macerated dates that can be consumed the way they are or as an ingredient in many preparations : cookies, cakes, biscuits…