Apimel Classic / Honey Products

  • Country Origin: Croatia
IMAGE 1- Acacia Honey Acacia honey has a distinctively light colour, a mild pleasant aroma and flavour. It is recommended to help appease cases of insomnia, alleviate irritation of the central nervous system and relieve you of the consequences caused by accumulated stress. Drinking it with camomile or lemon balm tea is also recommended because this increases the effectiveness of substances of both the tea and the honey. It is recommended for children. / IMAGE 2- Floral Honey Floral honey is honey produced from the nectar of various wildflowers. The colour and flavour depend on which flower prevails within the honey. Because it is considered to be mild, it is recommended for daily nourishment of growing children and elderly people, as well all people who are in need of rest and additional energy. / IMAGE 3- Linden Honey A clear honey, with a pleasant aroma and mild flavour, varying form light yellow to a light greenish colour. Linden honey facilitates expectoration and helps eliminate mucus from your throat and nose and alleviates convulsions. Its consumption is rec-ommended during fatigue and frustration plagued periods. Drinking linden flower tea with some honey helps fight illnesses where the healing process requires you to sweat heavily. / IMAGE 4- Chestnut Honey Chestnut honey has a dark colour, a recognizable aroma and a very specific, slightly bitter taste. It has a positive overall effect on the digestive system. It is best when consumed with tea blends that help fight digestive tract, gallbladder and liver related illnesses. Chestnut honey has a remarkably good effect in recovering from jaundice or when suffering from acute illnesses. / IMAGE 5- Sage Honey Sage has been a well-known and appreciated medicinal plant since olden times. Its strong antibacterial activity probably originates from essential oils found in this plant. The medicinal properties of sage are incorporated into honey by honeybees, so this type of honey can help fight a sore throat or it can be used as a dressing to fight skin infections.