Apimel Premium / Honey Products

  • Country Origin: Croatia
IMAGE 1- Premium rosemary Rosemary is filled with aromas that a product of antiseptic oils that help boost your immune system. Our Premium rosemary honey goes great with every kind of tea, and as a marinade for meals like pork and lamb. / IMAGE 2- Premium lavender Lavender is an aromatic plant with a very intense aroma. Combined with honey, it gives a rich flavor. Try PREMIUM LAVANDER in combination with tea or chamomile and relax after a hard day or before bedtime. Packaging: 450g / IMAGE 3- Premium cinnamon Cinnamon is a delicacy known for its medical properties that have been used for thousands of years. It is rich in antioxidants and in combination with honey is excellent for your health. Combine this product with a cup of hot chocolate, palate or grain. / IMAGE 4- Premium apple Unique taste of Slavonian apples and honey from our own hive. Apple appeals to the sweet taste of honey and gives a sweet – sour taste to this product. Try it in combination with fruit tea, biscuits and fresh bread and butter.