Iran Saffron

  • Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- The highest quality of the saffron –threads is referred to as “Negin”. Negin Saffron belongs to a new variety of saffron that is longer and thicker than common saffron. Negin translated means “The Diamond on a Ring”. This is the most valuable kind as it has the highest quality. This is not accessible through any artificial color changes and therefore absolutely pure. / IMAGE 2- SARGOL SAFFRON Persian saffron is a natural spice also called Red Gold. All red saffron consists of only red part of stigma usually obtained from “bunched saffron” and "Pushal Saffron" which has no style & pollen so it is most powerful grade of saffron in colouring and aroma. Persian Sargol saffron in Iran exceeding ISO 3632 Grade 1 standard and has very high quality. Color potency of Sargol grade is very high and the score in Iranian saffron is between 220-270usp. To maintain the quality of the Sargol saffron-threads all 3 stamins in the blossom are removed. All white and orange parts are removed so that only single red tips of the stamin remain. Here is the intensive fragrance and its pronounced color the typical features of the Sargol. / IMAGE 3- PUSHAL SAFFRON By the Pushal Saffron –threads the stamins that grow in the crocus blossom are removed completely. The white parts are removed and left over are the stamin threads that have few orange colored, but the complete red colored parts maintained. All 3 stamins remain together to maintain plenty volume. The color of the end part becomes pale red and orange that is in the size of 3 to 5 mm after the existing joint among the 3 filaments. “Pushal” has the same power of coloring and aroma as “All red filaments” type. Pushal saffron contains the stigma with an approximate 3-5 mm style. This kind of saffron has lower color strength respect to Sargol saffron. It is produced at the early stages of harvesting season. This saffron grade is not cut like Sargol and therefore contains more yellow parts from the style of the plant and higher floral waste. It contains 5% flower waste. Based on its various quality the price of Pushal changes.