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  • Country Origin: Sri Lanka
IMAGE 1- MUNCHEE BOURBONMunchee Bourbon is a whole new take on ultimate chocolate pleasure. With its distinctive shape and sophisticated taste, it indulges the sweet tooth with a real sense of occasion. Escape the ordinary with Munchee Bourbon. It's definitely different. / IMAGE 2- MUNCHEE LEMON CREAMThe lemon cream filling has a smooth combination of sweetness and zest. The biscuits have just the right kind of crunch! The Munchee Lemon Cream biscuit brings a little joy any time it's needed. / IMAGE 3- MUNCHEE ORANGE CREAMA generous dollop of tangy orange cream sandwiched between two biscuits with just the right amount of crunch. Munchee Orange Cream biscuits are delightful little treats for any time of the day. / IMAGE 4- MUNCHEE CHOCOLATE CREAM ROUNDZThe new Munchee Roundz is best known for it's smooth chocolate cream. Delicious chocolate cream between two perfectly baked chocolate biscuits. From your first bite it will make you wanna ask for more! /IMAGE 5- MUNCHEE CHOCO CREAMYummy chocolate cream sandwiched between two biscuits is always a tempting offer. Munchee Choco Cream biscuits are an awesome experience for chocolate cream lovers. / IMAGE 6- MUNCHEE MILK CREAM BISCUITSThick creamy soft centered munchies, crusty on the outside, offered as round shaped biscuits; another Munchee winner that brings you the smooth taste of rich milk. / IMAGE 7- MUNCHEE CHOCOLATE CREAMSoft & thick chocolate cream between two baked chocolate biscuits. A classic! / IMAGE 8- MUNCHEE KALORich blend of cocoa comes together with the creamy goodness of milk in Kalo. Kalo biscuits seductively black, sensually white, all in a mouth wateringly delicious biscuit. / IMAGE 9- MUNCHEE CUSTARD CREAMIt's the cream that makes all the difference. The filling in the Munchee Custard Cream biscuit is wonderfully sweet and marvellously smooth, just the way custard should be. It makes for a delightful little treat anytime, anywhere.