• Country Origin: Sri Lanka
IMAGE 1- MUNCHEE BABY RUSKSMunchee Baby Rusks are a toothsome treat that can actually be enjoyed at any age. They come in convenient bundles of two within each pillow pack. / IMAGE 2- MUNCHEE DIGESTIVEMunchee Digestive biscuits truly live up to their name. They are rich in fibre, so they improve digestion. But most people love them for their deeply scrumptious taste and texture. / IMAGE 3- MUNCHEE SAMAPOSHA BISCUITSamaposha, a truly Sri Lankan innovation - now as a biscuit! Made of rice, green gram, corn and soy, it provides affordable nutrition to the nation / IMAGE 4- MUNCHEE GLUCO FITA great snack, these energy giving biscuits are sweet to taste and are topped with vitamins. Crunchy and crumbly … enjoy Munchee Gluco Fit on the go!