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IMAGE 1- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O SitiThe philosophy of organic farming remains intertwined with respect for the environment and the human, contributing to quality of life. The selection of fields where the olive trees were planted was based on the specific features of the area, the soil and the microclimate. The raw material consists of fresh and healthy olives. We produce a highly quality product, following the expertise of organic farming in combination with our experience, knowledge and tradition using only mechanical methods. / IMAGE 2- Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O Sitia The “Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O Sitia” is produced in Sitia, Crete, an area world-famous for the quality of its olive oil. It is cultivated in excellent soil conditions and in a special microclimate. It is a 100% produced from the “Koroneiki” variety, the only variety in the area of Sitia which is in the delimited area of P.D.O Sitia. The olive oil is produced in the centrifugal oil mills using the method of cold pressing. Thus, we have a high-quality product due to its organoleptic ingredients. Its acidity is less than 0.5%, preserving all its beneficial features. Well-known for its rich taste and fruity, slightly bitter and spicy flavor, it is at the top of its category and it has won numerous international awards. / IMAGE 3- Extra Virgin Olive Oil According to history, the olive tree was cultivated for the first time during the Minoan Civilization between 3500-2500 B.C. In Crete, the olive tree was blessed as a holy tree and represented peace, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and hope. It was connected to the civilization, religion, diet and health.Minoan people knew the beneficial nature of olive oil and they cultivated it in almost the same way as today. The geographical position of Crete, the climate on the island, as well as the kind of soil, give to Cretan oil a unique taste and flavor.The Extra Virgin Oil comes from the “koroneiki” variety, which is cultivated in the biggest part of the island and it is harvested only with mechanical methods, under conditions that do not tamper with the oil. It has not undergone any other processing except from washing, transfusion, centrifugation and filtration. It is a “natural juice” which has all its ingredients intact, like microelements, vitamins and trace minerals.It is the main ingredient in the Mediterranean and especially in the Cretan diet and it has received important distinctions and awards in international exhibits. It is also recommended as a necessary element in a healthy diet from international nutritional conferences.