• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE -1 IL MIO CAFFÈ CLASSICO BLEND Blend in grains, made up of precious Arabica and Robusta coffee, selected and roasted accurately to get a full-bodied, aromatic and well-balanced coffee. It stands out for the sweet taste and tempting aroma. This coffee is dense, embracing and creamy, with notes of spices, vanilla and roasted almond. It is the perfect Italian espresso, with a rich and balanced taste. / IMAGE 2- IL MIO CAFFÈ INTENSO BLEND The blend is made up of precious Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, selected and roasted accurately to get a strong and resolved coffee, perfectly balanced in softness and intensity. It is full-bodied, rich and complex, with notes of chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts and a long and persistent ending. This creamy espresso bestows the pleasure of a full and intense taste. / IMAGE 3- IL MIO CAFFÈ 100% ARABICA BLEND Blend of precious and selected pure Arabica coffee, natural and washed. It has notes of chocolate, vanilla and roasted almond, with sensors of fruits and flowers. Its taste is sweet, fragrant and balanced, its aroma intense and harmonious. The pleasure of an exclusive and excellent cup of coffee. / IMAGE 4- 100% ARABICA ORGANIC FAIRTRADE BLEND Blend of precious Arabica coffee from organic agriculture, intended to preserve the natural conditions of the ecosystem. The Fair Trade Certification is to guarantee the Fair Trade standards. This coffee has the most intense aromatic fineness. Its taste is balanced, fresh and natural, with delicate notes of flowers and fruits. An experience of absolute pleasure. Love for a good cup of coffee. Respect for the environment. Respect for life. / IMAGE 5- IL MIO CAFFÈ ESPRESSO BLEND Blend of precious and refined qualities of Arabica and Robusta. The perfumed Arabica coffee combined with the full-bodied taste of the chocolaty Robusta gives a fine aroma and a soft, velvety pleasure. Its taste is rich, lively and balanced. As good as at the Bar. / IMAGE 6- 100% ARABICA / IMAGE 7- DECA / IMAGE 8- BAR / IMAGE 9- MOKA