• Country Origin: Sri Lanka
IMAGE 1- TIARA FAMILY LAYER CAKESOur Layer Cakes are favoured for their light, soft and creamy texture. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Pineapple flavours. Available as: 310g and 480g cake boxes / IMAGE 2- O-LATwo layers of soft sponge portion Butter cake with a cream filled centre. Available in Banana and Lemon flavours. Available as: 13g packs / IMAGE 3- ROLLOA soft mini Swiss roll made of sweet vanilla cake and fully covered in chocolate. Available as: 30g packs / IMAGE 4- O-KAYTwo layers of soft sponge portion cake with a cream centre. Available in Classic, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavours. Available as: 15g packs /IMAGE 5- AH-HAGet the best of both worlds with Ah-Ha - the vanilla layer cake has a silky chocolate base that melts in your mouth. Available as: 20g packs / IMAGE 6- TIARA BUTTER SPONGE CAKEA soft sponge cake with cream in between the layers. Available as: 220g cake box / IMAGE 7- TIARA BUTTER SPONGE RAISIN DELIGHTA smooth butter sponge cake with raisins. Available as: 230g cake box / IMAGE 8- TIARA SWISS DELIGHTA soft chocolate swiss roll with a vanilla creamy center and a swirl of vanilla on top Available as: 200g pack / IMAGE 9- TIARA CHOCO LOGA vanilla cream swirl covered by soft chocolate cake and coated in chocolate Available as: 270g Pack / IMAGE 10- TIARA SWISS ROLLSSwiss rolls made with soft and smooth sponge cake, available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry varieties. Available as: 200g cake box