• Country Origin: Sri Lanka
IMAGE 1- LANKASOY MALUSOY DEVILLED CUTTLEFISH FLAVOUREnjoy the ever popular "Devilled Cuttlefish" preparation of the Sri Lankan cuisine in ready to cook soya ring shape nuggets with the curry sachet and chilli paste, to get it right. Available as: 90g Pack / IMAGE 2- LANKASOY MALUSOY KIRIMALUAnother innovative product that gives the original taste, look and feel of a home made kiri malu dish. The special curry sachet contains no added MSG or artificial flavour enhancers. Lanka Soy Kiri Malu keeps you craving for more. Available as: 50g / IMAGE 3- LANKASOY MALUSOY DEVILLED PRAWN FLAVOURElongated in shape like prawns, these soya nuggets also taste like real prawn.Includes sachets of Devilled Prawn flavor, spice mix, tomato sauce and soy sauce. Available as: 90g pack. / IMAGE 4- LANKASOY CUTTLEFISH FLAVOURThis is a great family dish that will make your lunch or dinner complete.Includes sachets of Cuttlefish flavor, spices and soy sauce. Available as: 70g, 75g and 90g packs /IMAGE 5- LANKASOY MALUSOY AMBUL THIYAL FLAVOUR‘Ambul Thiyal’ is a traditional Sri Lankan recipe with a very specific sour and spicy taste. Our soya product comes to you as flat irregular shaped nuggets. Includes sachets of Fish flavour & spices. Available as: 90g pack. /IMAGE 6- LANKASOY MALUSOY SPRATS FLAVOURNuggets that look and feel just like natural sprats! A spice mix and Sprats flavour compose the mixture found in the flavour sachet. Available as: 90g pack.