• Country Origin: Sri Lanka
IMAGE 1- LANKASOY JAFFNA CURRYEnjoy this traditional vegetarian dish from the northern cuisine of Sri Lanka. The spice mix sachet includes authentic spices used to make the ever tasty Jaffna Curry. Available as: 90g Pack / IMAGE 2- LANKASOY VEGESOY POLOS CURRYPolos an authentic and original taste of Sri Lanka now made convenient in a special natural Polos curry mix from Lankasoy. No added MSG or artificial flavour enhancers or preservatives Available as: 50g, 90g / IMAGE 3- LANKASOY VEGESOY MUSHROOM FLAVOURRelish the soft and amazing taste of these mushroom shaped soya nuggets. Simply add in the spice mix and the Mushroom flavor with other home ingredients. Available as: 90g pack / IMAGE 4- LANKASOY CURRY FLAVOUREnjoy the typical curry dish, with soya. Authentic curry taste swirls in your mouth as you taste this CBL soya product. Includes a sachet of spices. Available as: 90g pack