• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- IL MIO CAFFÈ BAR BLEND Blend of precious and refined qualities of Arabica and Robusta. The perfumed Arabica coffee combined with the full-bodied taste of chocolaty Robusta gives a fine aroma and a soft, velvety pleasure. Its taste is rich, lively and balanced. As good as at the Bar. / IMAGE 2- IL MIO CAFFÈ DECA BLEND Blend of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee, roasted and decaffeinated naturally. This coffee reveals great sweetness and roundness, with the presence of caffeine not exceeding 0,10%. A fragrant and delicate pleasure. The delicious taste of a caffeine-free coffee. / IMAGE 3- IL MIO CAFFÈ MOKA BLEND Blend of selected Arabica mixed with determined and full-bodied Robusta. Its aroma is penetrating and defined, exalted by the fullness and roundness of its body. A vigorous coffee, with a determined taste and an overwhelming cream. Strong, pleasant, traditional. / IMAGE 4- IL MIO CAFFÈ 100% ARABICA BLEND Blend of precious and selected pure Arabica coffee, natural and washed. It has notes of chocolate, vanilla and roasted almond, with sensors of fruits and flowers. Its taste is sweet, fragrant and balanced, its aroma intense and harmonious. The pleasure of an exclusive and excellent cup of coffee.